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Din Bhar Ludo is strategic Board Game where you can challenge your opponent with real money. Elite Ludo is a best Ludo online game tournament app, In Din Bhar Ludo you can earn real paytm cash by playing Ludo.

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About Din Bhar Ludo

Din Bhar Ludo, one of the most popular multiplayer strategy board games, is generally played between 2 or 4 players. The objective of each player is to race their four tokens to their house based on rolls of a single dice. Ludo finds its origins in the Indian game Pachisi.

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Earn Real Cash While Having Fun Playing Ludo Games. Take Part In Ludo Leagues. Real Players And Fast Withdrawals Only On Din Bhar Ludo. Download App And Play Right Now.

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Frequently Asked Queries


Can I login with multiple accounts on my phone? No, you can only login with one account on your device. I’m unable to login even after providing my email address. That shouldn’t be happening. Please send us an email about the issue at support@eliteludo.com How to Install? Click on the download app button. The installation doesn’t take a lot of time and is simple. Once you open the apk file, your phone will ask for permission. Click ‘allow’ on all permission requests and install the app on to your phone. We promise you our game is safe and secure!

I am from Andhra Pradesh / Assam / Odisha / Sikkim / Meghalaya / Nagaland / Arunachal Pradesh / Telangana and am unable to play paid games. Why am I only allowed to play free games? The laws pertaining to skill games in these states differ from the rest of India where any person above 18 years can play paid games on our app.

What is a ‘Wallet’? Wallet is the icon you see below your name along with an amount. Clicking on it will take you to the ‘My Wallet’ page which has details like your Added Amount, Winnings, Bonus and Transaction History. Is it safe to add money to the wallet? Yes, adding money to your wallet is absolutely safe. We have partnerships with the best in the industry who ensure the money transactions are smooth and safe. You can add money using UPI, net banking, wallets, credit cards and debit cards. I am not able to withdraw my Bonus Cash. Why? Bonus Cash is not withdrawable. A portion of your bonus cash along with your deposits is used for tournament registrations.

How long does it take to receive the referral amount? It’s done instantly as soon as your friend joins and performs the actions mentioned in the referral policy at the time of being referred by you. In case your referral is delayed by more than a few minutes, email us here support@ludosupreme.com What are your referral terms and policy? Check our referral policy from Settings > Refer & Earn.

Can I add a display picture? Yes, you can add a display picture by going to the ‘My Profile’ section and clicking on the icon above your name. Now, you can either add a photo from your phone gallery or even take a picture. To edit an existing photo, follow the same steps and add a different picture.

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